• Johnson Beach
    travel,  USA

    Johnson Beach – Pensacola’s Hidden Gem

    The sun’s rays gently warming your face, the emerald water slowly washing away footprints in the soft sand, a cool breeze carrying the scent of the ocean and fanning green vegetation interspersed in the white sand dunes. No, you are…

  • Highlights of Guam - 30 Stunning Photos of Guam
    USA,  Postcards

    Highlights of Guam – Guam in 30 Stunning Photos

    As just a little dot on the map in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Guam is a remote island which should be part of your bucket list! Secluded white sandy beaches, hidden hiking trails, jungle adventures and crystal clear…

  • Visiting Guam
    travel,  USA

    Visiting Guam – Tropical Paradise in the Pacific

    Somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean lays the remote island of Guam. As the largest island of the Mariana island chains and the westernmost point of the United States, Guam should certainly be on your bucket list. Guam…