52 in 52 Series

My 52 Hike Challenge Journey

This crazy idea all started as a joke between my husband and I while on a New Years Jaunt down a local river trail! While going along the trail, I wistfully joked that we could possibly go on a hike every weekend and my husband suggested I could write a new series on this, 52 in 52! That being, 52 hikes in 52 weeks. Little did I know that the 52 hike challenge already existed. So, before I knew it I had already signed up and I am looking forward to this journey in 2022 and of course taking you along with me and sharing all the hiking adventures we will embark on!

Views of Lake Hodges from the Trail

Episode 16: Solo Hike Along Lake Hodges

Located approximately 30 miles away North of San Diego and filled with incredible scenery, Lake Hodges was my destination on one extremely hot Saturday morning. Perfect for a full day hike, a small walk, or even just a picnic by the lake – Lake Hodges was my choice for Episode 16 in my journey to complete 52 hikes in 52 weeks!

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Batiquitos Lagoon Trail, Carlsbad

Episode 15: Batiquitos Lagoon Trail

Living near Carlsbad, California and looking for a quiet, peaceful spot to spend a few hours strolling around and admiring some scenic vistas?! Batiquitos Lagoon Trail is the right spot for you! Close enough to the city, yet far enough to provide you with the tranquility you might be looking for at the end of the day.

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Annie's Canyon Trail in Solana Beach

Episode 14: Annie’s Canyon Trail

After accidentally stumbling upon photos of an intriguing slot canyon located in the San Diego area, it was only natural that we had to go and explore it for ourselves. It was not long before we knew that Annie’s Canyon Trail should be the next episode of the 52 in 52 series. Keep reading for the canyon’s location, when to visit it and our comprehensive hiking guide of the trail!

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Los Peñasquitos Waterfall

Episode 13: Los Peñasquitos Waterfall

We quickly grabbed our hiking gear and headed towards Los Peñasquitos Waterfall! The preserve had been on our list for a while, and the recent rainy weather seemed like the perfect opportunity to chase some waterfalls! Keep reading as we are sharing our full guide on hiking to Los Peñasquitos Waterfall!

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Photo Collage of Me and Alex at the San Diego Bubble Run

Episode 12: My First 5K Run

For those of you who have been following the 52 in 52 series, for a while, Episode 12 might come as a surprise. Today we are not embarking on any new hiking adventures, instead, it details my First 5K Run! Though I will not be sharing the best first-hand insights on a local jaunt, this article is more of a personal achievement! Keep reading if you are wondering if you should take the step and start running yourself!

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The marvelous palm trees at the Lost Palms Oasis looked from above

Episode 11: Lost Palms Oasis in Joshua Tree

Trekking through the vast Colorado Desert, following rolling hills and sandy washes, and reaching the marvelous Lost Palms Oasis is the perfect hiking adventure if you want to find one of the best hidden gems in Joshua Tree National Park. Keep reading as I am sharing the full hiking guide to Lost Palms Oasis in Joshua Tree – hiking directions, trail stats, top tips for visiting, etc.

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