52 in 52 Series

Collage of photos from Hall of Horros in Joshua Tree National Park

Episode 10: Hall of Horrors in Joshua Tree National Park

What was originally planned as a quick stop along our journey of exploring Joshua Tree National Park turned into an incredible adventure of squeezing through narrow tunnels and discovering crevices hidden behind massive clusters of boulders. Hall of Horrors is perfect for all explorers and thrill-seekers out there.

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Alex on top of Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park

Episode 9: Ryan Mountain Hike in Joshua Tree National Park

Standing tall at 5,457 feet, Ryan Mountain offers sweeping 360-degree views which make the strenuous 1.5-mile climb to the summit absolutely worth the effort! Ryan Mountain is one of the more demanding and challenging hikes in the park, but we loved every moment of hiking all the way up to the summit!

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The Massive Mounts of Boulders surrounding Hidden Valley in Joshua Tree National Park

Episode 8: Hidden Valley Trail in Joshua Tree National Park

Hidden Valley Nature Trail is the perfect introduction to the landscapes, plants, and experiences that Joshua Tree National Park has to offer while remaining close to the west entrance and the popular Hidden Valley Campgrounds! There is no question this is the perfect start to anybody’s trip to Joshua Tree.

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The cliffs at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Episode 7: Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve near San Diego

Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve is one of the most iconic landmarks near San Diego. A leisure walk through the incredible Torrey Pines, remarkable ocean scenery and golden colored ravines are only some of the features that you stumble upon while exploring the numerous paths and trails at Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve.

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Collage of photos from Potato Chip Rock and Mt Woodson, CA

Episode 6: Potato Chip Rock and Mount Woodson near San Diego

As one of the most popular hiking trails in the area, it was only natural that we had to make our way up to the local favorite, Potato Chip Rock! This 8 miles round trip is challenging but absolutely worth it with incredible scenery, views out to the ocean, and the Potato Chip Rock at the end, which is only a small fraction of the adventure!

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Collage of Photos from Darwin Falls in Death Valley National Park

Episode 5: Darwin Falls in Death Valley National Park

Nestled between the dry desert canyon walls Darwin Falls is a hidden oasis in Death Valley National Park. With its beautiful 25 feet cascade it might not be the highest and most remarkable waterfall you have ever seen, but its existence in an arid desert is what makes it so special and extraordinary.

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Stunning views of Red Cathedral at the end of Golden Canyon Trail in Death Valley National Park

Episode 4: Golden Canyon Trail to Red Cathedral, Death Valley National Park

As our Death Valley National Park trip continued, so did our journey to complete 52 in 52! Golden Canyon Trail to Red Cathedral was the first destination for our second day of exploring Death Valley National Park. Situated just 4 miles away from Furnace Creek Visitor Center, Golden Canyon Trail is conveniently located for an early morning hike.

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Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley seen from top of the canyon walls

Episode 3: Mosaic Canyon Trail, Death Valley National Park

Located on the opposite side of Highway 190 and the Stovepipe Wells Campground, Mosaic Canyon Trail is one of the easiest and most convenient hikes in Death Valley National Park. We really enjoyed this hike as we had to navigate our way around the dryfalls and large boulders blocking the path.

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Collage of Photos from Lake Calavera Preserve

Episode 2: Lake Calavera Preserve

Home to the man-made Lake Calavera and close to 6 miles of hiking/biking trails, Lake Calavera Preserve was our choice for the second hike of 2022! Mount Calavera is definitely the more adventurous part of the preserve! Regardless, if you choose to make it all the way to the top or take just an easy jaunt along the reservoir, Lake Calavera Preserve is a must-visit when in Carlsbad!

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Beautiful Greenary along the Santa Margarita River Trail

Episode 1: Santa Margarita River Trail

Situated just 3 miles from Fallbrook in North San Diego County, Santa Margarita River Trail is a popular destination among the residents of Southern California. This is Episode 1 of my 52 Hike Challenge – Follow me along as I share my experiences in this 52 in 52 series!

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