Travel Tips

Me and Alex in Rhodope Mountains

Hiking Tips for Beginners – 10 Essential Tips

Being in nature, surrounded by stunning mountain peaks, and enjoying the peace and quiet are some of the best ways to recharge your soul. While hiking is not difficult, there are a number of things that you should consider before hitting the trails.

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Travelling during a pandemic

Traveling During a Pandemic – 12 Tips

Three weeks ago, I came back to Bulgaria, after spending 5 months in the USA. I absolutely love every aspect of travelling and I have always enjoyed the thrill of taking off. I have never even been bothered about longer layovers or multiple connecting flights.

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The Best Season to Travel in Europe

Each season has its own beauty, but there is something extra magical about spring. Spring brings new beginnings and life becomes colorful and vibrant again, which makes it the best season to travel in Europe. August will be here soon and I am already thinking and planning my trips for next spring!

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